Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The rice is on slow boil over the stove and I sit in a corner of the bed n read. The computer on the table plays a Norah Jones number but I don’t get the lyrics. I’m engrossed in a Murakami book I borrowed from a friend. The doors are open and a mild breeze passes through the room. Somehow the gentle rhythm of the song seem to accentuate the rich lyrical verses of Murakami.
I glance at the wall clock. It’s almost midnight. Stim n Nair are sitting in the verandah having a smoke, engrossed in conversation. We had decided that evening to cook curried chicken in N’s room. We were quiet sick of eating outside at restaurants and cheap food joints.
Ian comes in and inspects the rice.
‘Five more minutes’, he announces quiet proudly.’

Ian sits down and we discuss our project. He’s my Soundman for the upcoming song sequence shoot. This guy is talented and knows his job. I’m pretty upbeat about my crew for the upcoming project. It’s a totally new crew from my previous one and definitely more professional. I’m very hopeful of a good work with them.

The chicken curry is delicious.