Monday, June 30, 2008

had a hell of a time trying to find how to install windows on a mac through bootcamp.
although mac provides a manual but one needs to print it out to see it! since i don't have one n maybe there are others out there with similar problems ....
heres the link with the pdf file-

i got myself an imac! how cool is that!
so - i quickly got it home from the reseller at city centre, i set it up at my desk and then- well, i basically just stared at it for a couple of hours cause i have noooo idea how to operate a mac OSX. how dumb is that!
so i'm into learning a new OS mode for the past couple of days.
makes me feel technologically illiterate. hum, haha... strange!
an even stranger thing though-
a small family had come over to the shop whilst i was waiting to get my mac packed. a cute teen and her parents. she wanted an ipod and wasn't sure which one to buy. the parents - typically- insted of letting the child make up her own mind kept giving her their own tastes and preferences 'i like this one, i like that one, no that is better etc etc. poor thing was so confused. but the golden liner came at the end from her mom - and i quote the exact words- ' what about the SHOW OFF factor, u need to show it off at school na?" EGAD!!!
when we talk soooo much about the ills of the new generations - i think it's the parents who should seriously start looking at themselves in the mirror.