Thursday, February 08, 2007

found two great blogsites this week.
('Strictly Film School is a dynamic, evolving personal homage journal dedicated to the analysis of landmark world cinema from an academic perspective' the blogger says about his blog. very true.) wonderful blogsite which lists other great sites n blogs.


christine said...

gHey Sangey,
Unfortunately we went on a 3 day trip which was spent mostly on looking for hotels since we had gone there during the weekend without any bookings. We probably spent more time on the 'vans' looking for rooms then we did on the beach:P There's really not much to say about Bokkhali. Its lovely, quaint, probably more hotels than there are mud huts, and pretty clean too. The beach is pretty decent which is amazing since I thought it'd be some dirty, trashy place since West Bengal is not know for its beaches! There's this one area with a small pine groove on the beach itself. Happened to come across it by accident, attaching a photo of it.
As for rates and hotels, book in advance if you're planning to go during the weekends since familes come down to the place from Calcutta in a huge rush . Otherwise you should have no problem in getting a room. I unfortunately can't recall the name of the 2 hotels we stayed in. Average rates are about 300-500 bucks per room. I have the number of this one hotel called 'Bayview' where friends who had gone there earlier were put up there - 03210225214. Looks decent from outside but don't know what the rooms are like.
Unfortunately thats all I can say about the place. Oh yes and the thali that some the small shacks serve is excellant! We all ate a hell lot.
Thats the best I could do:P Sorry.
All the best with your documentary.