Monday, November 20, 2006

Mr. Kumar Shahani just finished doing a workshop with us. It was nice doing the workshop and acting in it as well. On the spot improvisations and no fixed scripts were the working order of the day throughout the workshop.
From the rehearsals in the Green room that seem more and more like a one act play to the sudden one night desperation to change it all after watching ‘Coffee and Cigerattes,’ to overhauling the whole story just a couple of days before the shoot to Amareshda’s presence in the act salvaging a lot, it was a hectic, tiring, back paining, ‘enough already’ learning experience. The more this goes on the more I get the feeling that we student directors are fucked. If we don’t manage to assemble a good crew under us, we’r majorly screwed.
It’s great that Kolkatta now has a processing lab of it’s own. Hopefully our future work will now reached us on time.