Wednesday, November 22, 2006

uploaded quiet a few video clips at youtube.
its fun!!
why am i spending so much time on the net these days?

leaving for Guwhati tommorow.
tenth flight between Guwhati to Kolkatta since jan. add 2 for a round trip tmrow. why the hell am i shuttling between these 2 cities so much??
i have inflight headaches.
but i like watching people at airports.


Tangella Madhavi said...

ummm ...thanks for getting me back to a page...guess I will 'try' writing my blog...once again. I am going through a very weird phase in life. Any kind of outpour will echo it....lets see what comes out of it...
yeah! its true we really never analysed the stories that our grandparents told us after sunset and during quite sunny afternoons. My heart sinks when i think about the way they would keep us facinated ....with out eyes beaming big and mouths wide open ..listening to them .But guess i refuse to be nostalgic about it. I am going to be regretful....