Wednesday, September 13, 2006

am home after a tiring journey. my frns and i nearly missed our flights this time. half an hour before the boarding time and the front desk absolutely refused to check in our luggages. we literally had to beg, pleade and argue.
sandeep just called frm maio. he was a bit nervous going all by himself to an unknown place. snehal's on his way to tawang.
i hate these bus journeys. it really tiring. have been sleeping the better part of the whole day. and to think i have another journey coming up in two days time to my village. i'm having a headache.
itanagar is cold. and it's raining.
my village is going to be more cold. i hope it's dry.
body ache. i think i'll go to sleep again.


SNEHAL R. NAIR said...

Mr. Sange Dorjee Thongdok (hope i have all the spellings right),

I sincerely thank you for suggesting me the place to visit and for the fanta-fuckin-stic manner in which you got our permits made...(not mentioning the details). I have fallen in love with the place. will want to visit it again next year.

Tangella Madhavi said...

howz u doing? We are dreaming ramani...and his way of shot taking ....