Saturday, September 02, 2006

i am not going for my field trip today. i have been frying in the sun for a whole week and this day i take a break!

In a week i have to leave for my field study anywhere in INDIA. I AM SOOO bloody CONFUSED where to head off to......!!!
the NORTHEAST is always a good place for Anthropological studies, but I AM from the northeast and i don't think going back would be a good idea. on the other hand... i have always wanted to study my tribe and it's customs. but this is a trip of only TWO BLOODY WEEKS!how the hell is anyone suppose to make any significant field study in such a short bloody time!!!!!???????
more the reason to head back home and fill in on details u already know about instead of starting with something entirely new n then discover that there's no time for any indepth study! this two week thing is so stupid!!
on a brighter side -- got myself a camera phone and now i'm now posting all those photos online.... although i'm not sure about the image quality.
I NEED A DIGITAL CAMERA FOR MY FIELD TRIP!!at least 8 mega pixel for any decent pic's, no way am i taking my Nikon SLR n spending tons of money in developing those film negatives. i am never gonna get any pic's anywhere near the quality of my SLR though... hm.....CHOICES!choices!choices!!!


SNEHAL R. NAIR said...

uff sange ki duvidha!ooooh aaaah ummmmm...2 hafte mein field trip kaise karoon??! :( fucker you think you are going to make epic films out of every little exercise you get? :)