Saturday, September 09, 2006

Srinath, my roommate has left this morning for Cherrapunji. hope he gets there safely. he's going to the northeast for the first time. and he's done up a lot of studying on the net about the place. hope he's ready to get drenched! strange that the wettest place on this planet suffers from a water crisis during summer. shows how ineapt the civic administration is. someone there should file an RTI and get some answers.
i leave on the 10th with snehal and sandeep for arunachal. sandeep will go east to the Namdapha national park and Snehal to the buddhist town of Tawang in the west. great places, both of them and great for ethno studies. i hope sandeep gets to see lots of wildlife and take a hand at fishing in the river. he should reeally take a good camera along. same with snehal, who i hope gets to go all the way to the border to china. those guards at the chinese post freak out when we take their picture! hehe..
it's one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. great for long hikes and camping.

(note to self: post some pics of tawang after coming back frm home.)

my brother's phoned in asked me to get a whole lot of mp3's for his discotheque. i hate travellin around kolkatta in the sun looking for stuff when i don't have an exact idea where to go.
but i do have to go over to Landmark once before i leave. my favourite place to shop for music/books/comics in Kolkatta. i often went to Crossword, but Landmark is so much better. if only they had a better Coffee corner like Crossword!!!

I DO NOT LIKE MY PHONE! why didn't i just get one of those n series? n to think i paid Rs 19000/-!!!!! yeah thats right, stupid, jerk ass me shelled out a whole month's earnings for this !@@#$^&*(*)$#$#$@#@#! 6708 smart phone from nokia which runs as fast as a roadroller and has a camera that's ..#@$@#$$#$#%^%$^%^$% i'll kick myself 19000 times now.....


anybody wanna buy a phone....?? he he...

uploading a whole lot of pic's at photoblog now. but it's slow, maybe i'll leave some out.

wanted to issue a few books from the library to read during the trip but one of my friend has already issued a couple in my name and hasn't returned them as yet. my flight is on monday morning and now there's no way to get some books issued. . ugh! n just when i was finally 'inspired' to read books on film theories. eeeeee...